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please click to read  - note this (July) version of the guidance, which is based substantially on that of May 2020, is published in collaboration with a range of sightloss sector organisations.

Practice Guidance - Scotland only

Risk Assessments

Click below to see two COVID-19 risk assessments that one local authority put in place in July and August.2020.

Home Visit Risk Assessment 

O&M Risk Assessment 

O & M Guidance

April 2021

please click above to read

Guidance on Sighted Guiding Dec 2021

Sighted guiding (England) v9.0 final.docx

Covid's Impact on Living with Deafblindness

As part of the 'virtual' AGM held in November, Debbie James of DeafBlind Enablement delivered a presentation on Covid's impact on people living with dual sensory impairment.  The recording of the AGM can be seen here - Debbie's presentation starts 30 minutes in.  AGM 2020


Guide Dogs' letter (co-signed by RWPN) to chief executive officers of local authorities in England advocating early vaccinations for Rehabilitation and Habilitation Specialists  Letter to Chief Exec in England re vaccinations.pdf

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