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The Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network (RWPN) is the professional body of Vision Rehabilitation Specialists and Qualified Habilitation Specialists in the United Kingdom.  RWPN was established in 2013 and is a Company Limited by Guarantee.  RWPN also holds the professional register of Vision Rehabilitation Workers and dual-qualified workers.

RWPN exists to:

    • Set and maintain professional standards for the workforce to safeguard them and the people they work with
    • Promote the value of vision rehabilitation for blind and partially sighted people
    • Support the workforce in the day-to-day execution of their role by providing information, advice, guidance and learning opportunities

To find out more about the full aims of RWPN, who is eligible to become a member and how we are run, read the Constitution.

Constitution click here to download the Constitution of the RWPN
Committees RWPN Management Committee are all qualified Vision Rehabilitation Workers.  Each member of the committee represents a regional Rehabilitation Workers group, county or specialist area

Management Committee Members  - click here to see the current list of committee members

Registration & Professional Standards Committee - click here for information on the R&PS Committee

Annual General Meeting  All members are invited to the AGM.  To read the documents from previous meetings, click on the relevant link.  

AGM 2022 draft minutes    AGM 2021 minutes  AGM 2020 minutes    AGM minutes 2019

AGM Minutes 2018 AGM minutes 2017             AGM minutes 2016    AGM minutes 2015

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Audited Accounts 2020-2021  Audited Accounts 2019-2020 Audited Accounts 2018 - 2019 Audited Accounts 2017-2018  Audited Accounts 2016-2017                 Audited Accounts 2015-2016

RWPN Data Protection statement - This statement is in line with our Privacy Policy which can be viewed here


RWPN collects and holds contact details for RWPN members (full, manager, associated and student) in order to keep them informed and up-to-date on the work of their organisation.  RWPN also collects and holds contact details for suppliers, employers and trainers so that we can provide members with the services that these organisations offer.

Information held: (provided by individual, not RWPN)



Date of birth

Email address

Organisation/Place of work

Qualification – type/date

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion data (optional)

Evidence of qualification (provided by RWPN)

Use of information:

We will never pass on your contact details to another party.  Should a third party require your details, for example after attending training given by an outside provider when evaluation may be requested, we will always ask you to contact them, or forward information from them.

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