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Supporting Vision Impaired and Blind Professionals 

Our 2017 workforce survey identified that a significant percentage of our workforce are, themselves, blind or visually impaired. One of RWPN's priorities is to support these members.  Two areas in particular have been identified as priorities: firstly establishing clear roles and boundaries for Support Workers, so that both the Vision Rehabilitation/Habilitation Speciailist and their Support Worker can thrive and be protected; secondly to support professionals in their negotiations with Access to Work.

The following documents have been submitted by Vision Rehabilitation and Habilitation Specialsts  as guidance to provide sample templates for others to use and  adapt.  Below are three Support Worker Job Descriptions, two Task Logs for Access to Work that outline those aspects of work they require support with and those they do not.  In addition there is a Code of Conduct for a Support Worker.   None of these are definitive: they are guides. 

support worker JD area 1.docx

support worker JD area 2.doc

support worker JD area 3.docx

SW task logs for ATW - area 1.doc

SW task logs for ATW - area 2.doc

support worker Code of Conduct

We also provide 1-to-1 peer support for vision impaired workers from vision impaired workers and will be setting up a What's App group for them as well.  It is intended to offer a support mechanism for Support Workers.

Our support for vision impaired vision professionals is management committee member Dawn Taylor.  Her contact is

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