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Train to become a Vision Rehabilitation Worker

To join RWPN's professional register of Vision Rehabilitation Workers, practitioners must have passed a specified qualification.  Qualification is set at level 5.  This equates to a Foundation Degree or the apprenticeship standard approved by the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education. The apprenticeship route is only available in England.

Qualification is currently available via two centres of learning: 1) Birmingham City University (for the Foundation Degree or apprenticeship route);  2) Vision Rehabilitation Training (for the apprenticeship route only).

For more information about the Rehabilitation Worker Apprenticeship Standard go the Apprenticeship Standard tab on this website.

Studying to Degree level

Although not mandatory for practice, qualified Vision Rehabilitation Workers can now study to honours degree level. Birmingham City University currently runs two level 6 top-up qualifications for people who have already qualified with the Foundation Degree. The details of these two are below:
This part time course is designed for qualified Rehabilitation Workers who are currently working with children and young people who have a visual impairment or are looking to specialise in this area in the future.
Complex needs top-up

This course is designed for qualified Rehabilitation Workers who wish to take their expertise to the next level. Students will learn specialist techniques to enhance their practice with adults who have a wide range of additional complex needs including deafblindness, dementia, mental health conditions and learning disability.  Contact BCU for further details.

Train to become a Habilitation Specialist

There are two qualification routes to qualify to become a Habilitation Specialist, both of which are set at level 6.  

Birmingham City University  This route is for those from within the profession who already hold a Foundation Degree (or equivalent) in vision rehabilitation.

University College London  This route is for those coming from outside the profession.

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