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Register of Qualified Vision Rehabilitation Workers and Qualified Habilitation Specialists

The purpose of this register is to:

  • protect, promote and maintain the health of people who use the services of Vision Rehabilitation Workers; 
  • promote and maintain public confidence in the profession; 
  • promote and maintain proper professional standards and conduct for members of the profession. To be on the register all registrants will have to have qualified through an approved training route.

This register is a list of all Full RWPN members showing the type of register they are on and the nation they predominantly work in. If you are looking for a particular professional, or professionals by nation, then you can search for them using the search box. Employers of freelance professionals should satisfy themselves that the professional has appropriate insurance to cover their professional liability.

It is vital that the public, employers, commissioners and workers have a clear understanding of the professional risks associated with practice.  Vision rehabilitation is focused on enabling people who are losing (or have lost) their sight to do things they used to do with sight and some of these are intrinsically risky.  Poor practice, or practice undertaken by an unqualified worker (where they are untrained for a specific risk) creates avoidable risk.  RWPN has created an "Assessment of Professional Risk" associated with the key tasks of a Vision Rehabilitation Worker. The final page of the document provides a matrix for understanding the documented risk.  .  RWPN's register has been endorsed as best practice by ADASS (Assocation of Directors of Adult Social Services), Visionary (the representative body for local Vision Impaired Charities and organisations), and Vision UK. Rehabilitation registration Position Statement May 2019.docx   

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