Register of Vision Rehabilitation Specialists and Qualified Habilitation Specialists

This register is a list of all Full RWPN members showing the type of register they are whether or not they have outstanding sanctions against them.  Registrants are members who have qualified to practise having undertaken and passed a qualification route that is recognised by RWPN.  In order for a registrant to remain on our registers, they are required to abide by RWPN's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and demonstrate they have undertaken continuing professional development.

If you are looking for a particular professional then you can search for them using the search box. Click on the registrant's name for more information.  If you are looking for a professional to undertake freelance work, you can search our Freelance Register. Employers of freelance professionals should satisfy themselves that the professional is DBS-registered and has appropriate insurance to cover their professional liability.

Our register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. (Please note that registrants who are working overseas, who have Overseas Member level, have met RWPN's requirements to be on our register, but are not covered by the accreditation from the Professional Standards Authority.)   Learn more about our sanctions policy

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