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A sanction is a form of restriction that can be placed on a registrant of RWPN.  It is only imposed once a Professional Conduct Panel has identified that a registrant is not currently fit to be on the professional register, or can only remain on the register with certain conditions or certain limitations on their practice.  The purpose of a sanction is to protect the public and to uphold the reputation and standards of the profession.   The purpose of a sanction is not to punish the registrant but to enable them to return to safe practice with the public where this possible.   

At this time, no registrant of RWPN is subject to any sanctions.

Interim Suspension Orders

It may be the case that allegations made against a registrant are of such a serious nature that RWPN must act in order to protect the public while investigations are ongoing. An interim order is a safeguarding measure and does not indicate that the registrant is guilty, but is in place until we are able to conduct a full investigation.

There are currently no Interim Suspension Orders.

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