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Whether you are a qualified or student Vision Rehabilitation Worker or Qualified Habilitation Specialist, qualified assistant or qualified deafblind specialist, we are here to represent you. To read about the benefits of joining, click here

Vision Rehabilitation Workers and Qualified Habilitation Specialists can join as Full members/registrants. Deafblind specialists can join as Associate members, and managers can join as Manager members. Student, associate and manager membership is free.                        



Low Vision Training

Low Vision Training has taken place in Birmingham and Manchester and Falkirk. We are hoping to offer it in other locations too when the risks from Coronavirus has receded - keep an eye out!

Feedback from those who attended the course:

"Very informative course, well presented and explained to a high level." "Excellent tutor, passionate about his work."  "Excellent, good reinforcement, acquired knowledge.  Enjoyed the fact we could move around and interact which promoted learning."

We are always to keen to hear your ideas for training and professional development needs. 

Previous O&M Training delivered by Focal Point UK

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