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Norma Baillie

Jim Bole

Dawn Bridgehouse - Secretary

I’m Norma Baillie and I qualified as a Vision Rehab Worker over 25 years ago.

I thoroughly enjoy the variety, the challenges and the opportunity to work with so many different people. I am an RWPN Mentor and currently the Rep for Scotland.

I qualified a long time ago, worked in a number of regions, and am now freelance in the Lincolnshire area. I achieved my BSc (Honours) and Deafblind (level 6) at Birmingham City University. I do some specialist work in Meares Irlen, Learning Disabilities and Dementia and a bit for the BBC on the IMT telescopic implant. In my spare time I am a welfare officer for the RAF Association and on the board of an hearing advisory service charity.

Hi my name is Dawn Bridgehouse. I’m a qualified Rehab  Officer at Oldham Council, Greater Manchester. I’m a Guide Dog owner.  I have been qualified since 2012 and completed the Complex Needs Hons Degree in 2018.  I run a WhatsApp Group for VI Rehab Workers.  I am also a Trustee of a Charity called VI Talk.

Sandy Davies

profile photo of Sandy

I qualified as a VRS in 2009 and then completed the complex needs BSc(Hons) in 2012 at BCU. I have been a member of the Welsh Rehabilitation Officers Forum (WROF) committee for 10 years and currently chair the forum. I work in the Sensory Team at Bridgend Borough Council.  I am very passionate about the profession and absolutely love my job. I am keen to promote collaborative working bringing Health, Social Care and Third Sector together. I regularly mentor students from BCU and enjoy building and shaping the profession.

Andrea Doyle - Vice Chair

I’m a Habilitation Specialist and Vision Team leader in Somerset. I started working with children who have visual impairment in 2006. I completed the ROVI course from Newport University in 2013. In 2015, I moved from the children’s team to Adults Social Care. I then returned to work with Children and young people in Somerset in 2022. I have been a member of the RWPN committee for many years and enjoy helping to be a part of promoting and shaping the future of the profession through this network.

Vikki Harris-Merrick

Profile to come

Debbie James

I have worked with and for deafblind people for over 37 years, in the Social Care, Charity and the private sector as a Rehab Worker for VI (over 33 years), Deafblind Interpreter, Specialist Assessor and managing deafblind services.  I enjoy enabling and teaching deafblind people and professionals, writing training courses and tutor on the Degree Level - Specialist Assessments and Rehabilitation modules at BCU.

Simon Labbett - Chair

I have been working in the visual impairment sector since 1988 - over 15 years were with RNIB as a braille music transcriber, administrator and arts development worker. 

I qualified as a Vision Rehabilitation Worker in 2005 from BCU and have worked for Bradford Council since then.  

I helped set up RWPN in 2013 along with many of my colleagues on the committee. 

Kate Laybourne

Hi, I’m Kate Laybourne and I’m a qualified Vision Rehabilitation Specialist, working as a Practice Supervisor in Oxfordshire.

I absolutely love this job and feel very privileged to be able to say this after nearly 30 years in the profession. I am pleased to join the committee and to offer my support in any way that I can

Ray Maxwell

Simmone Miller

I live in Northern Ireland, and I have worked within Sensory Disability Services from 2001, qualifying as a VRS in 2008, and became a Senior Rehabilitation Worker in 2013. I enjoy all the various aspects of my role and the unique opportunities that it provides on a daily basis. It involves providing professional supervision, 1 to 1 skills work and all aspects of Visual Rehabilitation and Visual Awareness Training; I am also a Deafblind Specialist Worker having completed the Deafblind Communication Studies Diploma in 2017, and I provide Deafblind Awareness Training.

I have over fifteen years’ practice as a qualified vision rehabilitation worker and I am now working for the London Borough of Southwark. I also have  six years’ experience of managing sensory teams, PGCE qualified and have experience as a university lecturer. I am a confident trainer and public speaker.  I currently Chair the London Rehab Forum and I am RWPN’s London Committee representative and End Point Assessor.

Nic Poole

I started working in the field of dual sensory loss in the year 2000, first for Sense and then Deafblind UK. I graduated from BCU in 2012 (Rehabilitation Work-Visual Impairment) and embarked on my rehab career with Action on Hearing Loss (RNID) in Milton Keynes before moving to Cambridgeshire County Council where I am currently employed.

Daniel Scholes - Treasurer

I have been qualified since 1996 and worker as a RW in a number of settings including the RNIB for over 22 years and now work for Guide Dogs as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist.  I am passionate about rehab work and have served on the RWPN committee as Treasurer since its inception.

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