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Professional Standards

Professionals are trained to broad criteria laid out within the Sensory Services National Occupational Standards (NOS). The NOS were published in 2008 by Skills for Care and are available here 

Four of the eleven standards relate directly to rehabilitation/habilitation work and working with deafblind people. Standard nine is the most relevant to defining the skill-set of rehabilitation and habilitation work.  

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 

To be a deemed as a competent professional, registrants need a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours.  These are learned through the qualification process and subsequently by undertaking continuing professional development. However, these elements alone are not necessarily enough to make you a good or safe professional. RWPN's Rehabilitation Worker Code of Ethics provides our members and registrants with a framework for promoting and maintaining good and safe professional behaviour and practice.  

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

RWPN's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the National Occupational Standards require that professionals demonstrate continued learning in their professional practice.  To do this we require that registrants document and submit, when required, CPD under a formal scheme CPD.  

The document RWPN CPD scheme description provides an outline description of the requirements, examples of what might make for good CPD, how we encourage reflective practice and guidance on how we monitor and assess portfolios.

Core Skills



Support for Visually Impaired Professionals and their Support Workers

The Visual Impairment Benchmarking Summary Report, published by the Welsh Local Government Association was intended to: develop service and practice standards that can be recommended nationally; and help local government understand current levels of capacity and provide evidence of service impact and outcomes.  As part of the project four good practice guides were published. Number 3 relates directly to Rehabilitation

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