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What is a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist?
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What is a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist?

Vision Rehabilitation Specialists are professionals who are qualified to support visually impaired adults to enable and empower them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. We support adults who have acquired or have congenital vision impairment to live independently. In addition, we help our clients to access support and adapt new skills with mobility, life skills in the home (including personal care), communication skills, use of technology, housing, finance and social activities which are important to the individual. We support our clients to develop and maintain the independence and confidence they need to progress through life in the home, at work, socially or in higher or further education. Our work includes delivering training, support and coaching to develop the life skills needed to live independently, communicate effectively, travel safely and to build and maintain relationships.

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image shows a woman using a white cane to cross a zebra crossing, reaching the tactile pavement, next to her is a VRS observing

Photo of Elaine Hawkswell, VRS at Essex Cares Ltd teaching a client with a long cane as they cross a zebra crossing

A day in the life of a rehab worker             click above to read the Guardian article 

Click on the image below to watch a video prepared by PrioritEyes

A client's perspective: listen to Roger's experience of sight loss and vision rehabilitation support

A service perspective: watch a video describing Hertfordshire County Council's vision rehabilitation service.

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