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Vision Rehabilitation Services - What is the evidence?

This major piece of research, commissioned by Thomas Pocklington Trust and undertaken by York University's Social Policy Research Unit, is a vital and significant step forward in mapping the evidence base for vision rehab.  Click below to read the briefing highlights and details of where the full research findings can be obtained.

Does Rehabilitation officer input improve quality of life in individuals with low vision?

This is the title of a study seeking to estimate the impact of a rehabilitation officer on quality of life on individuals experiencing vision loss. Using randomised control trial methodology, it will be undertaken by Cardiff University’s School of Optometry in conjunction with Sight Cymru on residents of Cardiff who are diagnosed with sight loss.   The rehabilitation element is provided by full qualified Rehabilitation Officers, with the support of Cardiff Social Services Sensory Team. The project expects to publish results in the autumn of 2015.

Does Rehabilitation officer input improve quality of life in individuals with low vision?

What are the cost savings associated with Vision Rehabilitation?

2017 independent research commissioned by RNIB, with support from the Department of Health, has identified that the cost of providing vision rehabilitation services is dwarfed by the financial benefits.

Independent research by the Office for Public Management (OPM) and based on a case study of services provided by Sight for Surrey has shown that the financial benefits of good vision rehabilitation services significantly outweigh the actual costs of delivering this service. In fact in the case study site, over £3.4 million of health and social care costs were avoided, reduced or deferred annually based on a service which cost an estimated £900,000 a year to deliver.

Demonstrating the impact and value of vision rehabilitation 2017.pdf

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