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Cerebral Visual Impairment Training

  • 10 Jun 2024
  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • Bristol, Guide Dogs Regional Centre, 10 Stillhouse Ln, Bristol BS3 4EB
  • 5


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This CVI focussed event  will  raise awareness of CVI and the population affected by it, (whether it be congenital or acquired later in life through injury or illness or forms of dementia).

However,  most importantly it will discuss the basics with regards to the 'visual brain', and  the subsequent ways in which a person with CVI may be affected. Some of which may seem unrelated to 'vision' hence the potential for misdiagnoses or late diagnosis. CVI is  an umbrella term for several brain based vision impairments - such as optic ataxia, Balint's syndrome, 'blindsight' and visual neglect which on occasions is is mistakenly diagnosed as hemianopia and the impact of CVI on an individual's ability to process information.

Key areas for discussion will include  'accessing learning' in the broadest sense, physical safety and the potential social and emotional impact of CVI and what can be done in practical terms to help an affected person and their family/carers. 

This will be in considered with particular regard to difficulties specific to Hab/Rehab/mobility and adapations which may need to be made when planning activities and why 'ocular' based approaches often need significant adaptation.

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