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’Zero-tolerance’ on A-boards welcomed by disabled people

18 Feb 2015 16:05 | Anonymous

Transport for London has named 18 areas across London as ‘zero tolerance’ for A-boards, following a successful pilot in three areas.

TfL have stated that ‘prosecution will remain the last resort and TfL will continue with the current practice using the statutory process in the 2003 Act of issuing removal notices, after which the ‘A’ Boards are removed and kept until the business owners pay a fee and retrieve their ‘A’ Board.’

Advertising boards, or A-boards, are an everyday bane for disabled people. Cory Sharp, a visually impaired member who lives in Whitechapel, said:

“They’re a nightmare. You have to go round them, and the whole time you’re worrying that they’re going to send you into the road, or veering into something else. I manage it somehow, but I’ve come close to tripping over. Hopefully, the expansion of zero-tolerance for A-boards means that disabled people will find it easier to get our destination without obstacles in the way.“

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